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WPBricks – Advanced Gutenberg Blocks and Templates for WordPress

WPBricks – Advanced Gutenberg Blocks and Templates for WordPress

Improvise your content publishing standards and build absolutely beautiful pages/blog posts with WPBricks. It has 150+ Block Templates, 7 Website Templates, and 28 Website themes for building custom websites, beautiful blog posts, and web pages quickly.

Using WPBricks

It’s very easy to use WPBricks. Just install the plugin and go to any page or blog post in your WordPress dashboard. With Gutenberg blocks, you will now see the option to use WPBricks ready-to-use blocks, templates as well as custom blocks.

Special Features

  • Ready-to-use Blocks and templates

Be it the landing section, about section, pricing table section, service descriptions, CTA buttons or any useful section that we generally add to our pages to make our landing pages or blog pages impressive – WPBricks has it all, in fact, has multiple unique designs that you can add directly to your pages in one-click. 

Thereafter, all you need to do is, edit text and visuals. You will have a responsive block in front of you in no time.

Not just ready-made blocks but the plugin lets you add full templates 

  • 19+ Powerful Custom Gutenberg Blocks

Beside Bricks Ready Blocks, you have got 19 more Bricks custom Blocks for the Gutenberg Editor that are very powerful. 

These blocks are: Multipurpose Block, separator, button, accordion, Bricks layouts, heading, image, media & text, columns, list, slider, social, tab, gallery, counter, icons, popup and count down. 

This rich set will help you come up with amazing and conversion-oriented pages for your WordPress website or blog.

Why use WPBricks?

  • Custom-made blocks, ready-to-use blocks, and ready-to-use templates 
  • Responsive and beautiful sections that are optimized for performance
  • Helps you come up with awesome landing pages in no time.
  • Amplifies the efficiency of Gutenberg Editor
  • Very easy to use for even novice WordPress Publishers
  • Saves cost and time that you would have to invest in Custom WordPress development


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